Steps Toward Succession

Steps toward Succession

Leadership during Transition

  1. Interim pastor

ü  Two year appointment

                +                                                              –

    Avoids “sacrificial lamb”                                         viewed as “hired hand”

                                                                                        some are “floating”

ü  From staff

ü  From outside

  1. “Stated pulpit supply”

ü  Pulpit only, not daily leadership

  1. Associate pastor leads

Often named interim


                +                                                              –

    Knows and continues system                                 can vie for position



  1. “Office of senior pastor”

Three on staff lead this way

  1. Board-led interim


                +                                                              –

    They care                                                                  hurts staff

    They know the church                                            they are good at other things

                                                                                        Becomes a habit

  1. Interim administrator


                +                                                              –

    From church                                                             Pastoral awareness?

    Not a candidate                                                        support of large staff

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