The Search Process

The Search Process Download


  • Character and godliness

                  Is it strong?


  •    Education

      Is it enough?  Quality?


  •   Experiences

      Have they shown longevity?

      Your kind of church?

      Do you know people do not change much?



  •  Sermons

      Is it video good enough?

      Should at least four always give opinions?

      How many sermons is enough?


  •  References

      When will you call his present ministry?

      Can you get names other than his favorites?

      Do you ask them the hard questions?


  • Family

      Do you really know his wife?  Her hopes?

      Are his children at home “managed”?


  •   “Sweet spot”

      What does he do best?

      What do you need?


  •   Personality/disposition

      Is he gracious?

      Have you seen him enough?


  •   Finances

      Are they a burden?

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