Lesson I Wished I Would Have Learned Earlier

Lessons I wish I would have learned earlier Download

1.    God

He loves the church of His Son more than we love Him.

We probably should learn to say “I don’t know” about Him sooner.

He wants His Word to be exposed and taught more than He wants crowds to grow.

2.    Churches

    • Some churches want to follow tribal chiefs more than they want to obey the Bible or grow.
    • Once in a while you meet a church that should either close or become a part of a strong church.
    • Many understate the need for true community in a church, to hold people.
    • People experience strong community in a small group (though better purpose there is discipleship); medium group (8-80), with ABFs formed for true community; and in a large group with extraordinary “school spirit” and a contagious leader or cause.
    • Churches as a group will push ministry up and policies down, instead of the opposite, which is better.
    • Churches hate changes and surprises.
      –    let it leak                 –  admit you do too
    • Some still do not know how to deal with grief or divorce.
    • Some people like to be negative about anything they did not think of.
    • Grace understood, motivates.  Legalism leads to bitterness or burnout.  Selfishness will crash.

3.     Pastors

  • Senior pastors need loyalty more than anything from the staff.
    –    how it shows                          –  how it used to be
  • The bigger the pulpit, the easier it is to preach, in some ways.
    –    the constant Holy Spirit      –  the variable “electricity”
  • A good leader knows where he or she is going and gets others to come along.
    –    vision times                            –  circles of spreading
  • The church easily becomes your mistress.
  • The only way not to believe press reports is to believe  God is your conscience.
    –    the pedestal
  • The old habit of 2-4 years at a church almost guarantees vanilla.
  • Leaders must do excellently.
    –    See Romans 12                           –  See history
  • To teach the Scripture and guard the doctrinal statement and church mood are primary duties.
    –    When to change
  • Cynicism may be our most common disease.
  • And it is contagious.

4.    Pastoral Staff

    • Staff need     respect     more than anything, from their senior.
    • –    Means pay, freedom, support
    • There is a big difference between doing your job and living your calling.
    • In the USA, given the fact there is a “market” and justice is to be, staff members should be paid based on     locale     and     similar church     .
    • People who worry more about the quantity of their work rather than its quality should not…
      –    13-14 chunks                         –  52 hours +
      –    the glass house
    • Very few feuds are not selfishly motivated.
    • All negatives of consequence should be shared    eye to eye    .
    • Way too many still do not have job descriptions, regular meeting with their reports; or a last line, “other duties as assigned.”


5.    Boards

    • A pastor should stay 3-5 steps ahead of his board or they will take off his head.
    • Principles of church government in the Bible cannot easily be transferred to today’s church.
    • –    because of apostles                                              –  “women, be silent”
    • –    incomplete canon
    • Elders or trustees or deacons should not eld or trustee or deacon individually, but only as a unit.
    • Decisions demanding unity allow one person to control that decision.
    • –    We would never allow one person to make a yes decision.
    • Speaking of church “elections,” no one should ever lose at church.

6.    Oldtimers

    • Congregational government can be proven more from some traditions than from the Bible.
    • It is unkind and     unethical     to forget the people who “got you there” where you can go after and plan for only new or young at the expense of the older.
    • Younger adults who think an older generation does not get it soon become that generation.
    • Many worry more about music than worship or     God’s feelings    .


7.    Newtimers

    • Many churches wait way too long to have a point person for assimilation connections.
    • When a new person has a job or brings a casserole, he calls it “my church.”
    • “Musical churches” is much less important than making converts.
    • It is still true that “when the ‘Newberries’ outnumber the ‘Oldberries’” there will be a crisis of sorts.


8.    Outsiders

    • Marketing and prayers should target the unsaved out there.

–    Where the ads are
–    Prayers in important places
–    People who are too busy in church to be outside

    • Pastoral prayer should include outsiders (not by that name!) regularly.  Also ABF prayer time.
    • Everyone on staff should have an      outreach concerns      .

9.    Local area


    • We are Biblically responsible to minister to the neighborhood and community where the church meets.  Differs in every locale.


    • Should not the pastor know other local leaders?

–    events                                         –  emphases
–    notes                                           –  personal


10.          Global area

    • Some growing percent of the budget should be for missions, or we are selfish.
      –    outside the walls
    • Building program funds should include a percentage for missions.
    • Many make too little of visits to mission fields in terms of prayer, giving, and interest.


    • “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”
    • Just because some of it is “show-off music” does not mean people are not worshiping.
    • In many cultures, time is an issue.
    • Some of us should have allowed various styles sooner.
    • Inside of singing loud songs or asking all those hard questions, when we finally see Christ our Lord we will probably just      melt     .
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