Priorities of Pastors



Priorities of a Pastor

Evaluating your time and heart emphasis


Job Description from Verses

  1. Lead                                                      3.   Shepherd                                        5.   Equip

Heb 13:7; Heb 13:17; Acts 20:28;           Acts 20:28; I Peter 5:2                       Eph 4:12; I Tim 3:16,17 Titus 1:7 (I Tim 3:1f)

2.   Rule                                                       4.   Teach                                              6.   Be Example

I Tim 3:5; Rom 12:8; I Thes 5:12               I Tim 3:2; II Tim 4:2; Gal 2:2               I Peter 5:3; I Tim 4:12; Titus 2:7


1.     Person  –  Be the person God      prescribes/describes    to be.

         Character                             Health
Family                                  Demeanor

2.     Mood   –  Decide and develop the    DNA     of the church.

Pastor’s way                        Pulpit mood

3.     Pulpit    – Embrace the mission of the Word.

Priority… schedule… emotion
Excellence (now more than ever)

 4.     Vision      Know and guide the “process” of the future.

 Future                                 Evaluating

 5.     Leaders   Locate and develop strong leaders.

Responsibility                      Pools
Schedule                              TLC

 6.     Care      – Develop system to    shepherd     the church.

“Congregations,” ABFs       Levels of care

 7.     Public

Example                             Strategy

 8.     “Hobby”    Take your pick of

PR                                Media              Family
Communications         Restaurants

 9.     Teaching


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