The Point of a Church Activity

  1. All activities or programs have one of these purposes:

worship                                               “community”-fellowship

discipleship                                         teaching-education

evangelism                                          service to others

2. Some meetings can meet none of those purposes.  They can be just because they were scheduled.

3. It is not healthy to meet for no purpose.

4. It is the call of leadership to decide an activity has no good purpose.

5. People who meet may not realize the meeting has no purpose.

6. “Fellowship” can be used as the purpose of almost any meeting.

7. We can keep some families so busy that they neglect good care for neighbors or even themselves as families.

8. Normally one “community” or fellowship group is enough for one person or couple.  It is hard enough to really get to know and love the 10 or 20 or more people in one group.  To be in one Sunday ABF and one Home ABF or Home Group just duplicates the purpose and keeps the person from true discipleship or evangelism or home joy.

9. It would be better for a person to be in only one “community”-fellowship group and one true discipleship or accountability group.

10. A fellowship or “community” group can function well with up to 70 or 75 people.

11. A true discipleship or accountability group has to be gender specific, and have no more than seven participants, and meet at least twice a month.

12. Most people older than 55 will focus on fellowship or care – two good purposes – if they are in a small group, even if it is called a discipleship group.

13. Discipleship or accountability groups work best for recruitment or relationship when made up of people who also see and know each other in a larger “community” or fellowship group.

14. Sunday school electives that are content-centered rather than “community”-centered, as the ABFs are, are not fulfilling a high value.  People probably get enough content.

15. “Community” groups that repeat the Scripture text for application purposes fulfill a good educational advantage.

16. Most pastors and church leaders have not experienced true, candid discipleship, and thus may not work to be sure the church is programmed for this.

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