The “New” Adult Bible Fellowship eBook

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The healthiest church ever…

…just may have been the small country where people knew each other and practiced the “one another” commands. Often there were 40-70 or 80 adults and sincere love and tangible care.

That’s a perfect size for a congregation.

ABFs are “congregations” within each church, organized for Bible study, vital fellowship, and outreach in that group that brings overall health and growth to the church.

  • ABF strategy is about medium size

Some churches choose only “celebration” (worship services) and “cells” (small groups). This book si an argument for “congregation” (medium size groups of 20-90). This strategy includes all three for a church.

Many people, notably men, will not leap from the larger worship service (from 5 or 6 to 950,000 or so!) to the cell or small group (3 or 4 to 9). Many need the middle step, the medium group (20-90). Plus ABFs can provide man things the small group cannot provide.

  • People with, limited time to give need a group.

Churches can ask people to join one group for Bible study, another for care, another service and maybe throw in some discipleship. The ABFs concept combines all that.

  • Size determines mood and effect.

To an extent, at least. You can’t ask a large group to be candid or intimate or practice “one another” commands. “Congregation size” group can bring valuable assets to a church.

  • ABFs are a great way to pastor more than 90.

They say one person can pastor only up to 90 people, and that most of us can know only 60-90 people, and that Jethro was right when he told Moses to divide the people into 50s (the first ABFs!) and 10s (small groups) .

This can work well.