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Clarifying 7 areas that really help the church be healthy!  ________________________________

Huge Sides Of Pastoring

 They come up every time I coach a pastor,  often because I suggest we look at them.

But more normally,  because the pastor or church leader says, “What about (one of these seven areas)?”

Most of the notes on this site and most of the thoughts in my head come under these:

  1. Personal:  master schedule,  main emphases in my life,  ways to love the people of my circles and the church
  2. Staff:  either employed or volunteers — how to hire, then assign, and support;   the “point person/ministry manager” genius
  3. The Board:  yes, just one;  how does “the soccer field” really work,  and in what size church?  Does it really immediately clarify the roles of the board and those of the staff?  (Yes, is the answer.:-)   What is a good agenda?
  4. Preaching:  What are the three hearts of preaching,  and how does it work best?
  5. Groups:  Why is so confusing?   What good is a group with both male and female and over ten people?   What is true discipleship. Are Sunday and home ABFs really the way they did it in the Bible?
  6. Mission (including missions):  Do we know what kind of church we want to be?  Ought to be?  Can be?  How do we improve “outside the walls” giving and loving?
  7. Communication:  Why is it like “location (x3)” in real estate?   Is it really so easy to improve it right now?

See if the notes make you think or discuss.   And let me know if I can help to clarify,  please. You are welcome to copy and paste any of these that will help you. These are not copyrighted.

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4 Responses to Home

  1. how do I contact Knute about preaching at our weekend services? We are located in the chicago suburbs.

  2. Lucas Ray says:


    My name is Lucas Ray, I live west of Chicago Illinois. Keith LePage recommend I reach out to you. I have been prayerfully considering transitioning from my career as an account into pastoral minnistry. I had a chance to speak with Mike Castelli about his transition into pastoral minnistry and was curious to see if you would be able and willing to speak with me?

    Please let me know if you have time. My email address is LHRay27@gmail.com.

    Thank you,


  3. Matt Maier says:

    Thanks, Knuth.
    Spent the weekend with you at the Fla conference. I’m not a pastor, but found so much of what you shared with us to be very practical for all of us followers of Jesus. God bless you!

  4. qawii3 says:

    Corrections_Your comment: …Back in the pastor- pedia site
    Way back, we used to say that our church did not believe in pre-marital sex because it could lead to dancing! Now some are mad that many younger people like wine with their spaghetti because they know the people at the wedding Jesus attended got drunk with strong Welch’s!

    You got it backward; we preached against dancing because it could lead to pre-marital sex. But we were right; it did! And their hormones are just as powerful as ours were.

    Also, it looks like you have been reading the Louis Segond’s version (French) of the bible. He talks about them getting the better wine after that the crowd is drunk. That’s because of the way the French would translate “after they have well drunk” of the first wine. Now do you get the picture? The host would serve the best wine to the entire crowd… the best tasting wine … and then would serve up the lesser quality. Then the host makes the comment that, in this case, the better quality was served at the end.
    Do you really believe that Jesus made that amount (60 gal.) of alcoholic beverage to ensure that everybody got soused? Maybe it was just a better tasting grape juice. (mishteroth)
    I agree, we have to come ahead in time, but when you read scripture you should be sure to go back in time to the context in which it was written. The O.T. condemned drunkenness … and even the N.T. said: “Be not drunken with wine wherein is excess.” But I do agree that a small quantity of wine with one’s spaghetti is no big deal … at least for Italians … but you’ve got to watch those Irishmen!
    BTW … there are several names to describe “wine” in both the OT and NT… like mishteroth, yayin and others. I couldn’t find Welche’s anywhere. And another one: We serve grape juice for communion… to avoid the leaven, just like Jesus would have done for Passover … but He also would have eaten unleavened bread …but then ours is usually leavened.
    You say Millennials appreciate “authenticity” … so let’s get with it and forget our Baby Boomer mentality.
    ISIS an ISIL recruit many Millennials by giving them a challenging picture of a jihad. Jesus spoke of the “ecclesia” – His “called out gang” which He commissioned to tear down the gates of hell. That will fly!

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